Fiverrocket? Really?

Fiverrocket is a new course by Trevor Carr, Jonas Lindgren, Bobby Dolcee & Max Gerstenmeyer. I  suppose the author of the course is actually Max. The other guys helped with promo, setup of the course & other stuff – like getting PayPal payments 😉

This is not a typical review. I heard some good things about Fiverrocket so I’m not going to tell you it’s not worth getting it…. but.

I cannot promote or recommend something that’s being pushed by Trevor Carr – because he promotes whatever he wants because of reciprocity – no matter what crap or BS the product is!

Like the latest MadSense profits.. see this:

Unfortunately he doesn’t check what he promotes and he doesn’t care that the product doesn’t work at all! Talk about “honesty” 🙁 He can lie with a smiling face!

Here’s the leaderboard for this rip-off product:


The customers of MadSense profits create pages or “sites” on a domain they don’t control and with the “quality” that is so horrible AdSense never approves this!

Read for yourself either here

or there’s a part of it here below:


What do you think?

How do you call someone that rip offs 2,000+ people or takes part in it? 🙁


More than 2,000+ people were ripped off. Most of them didn’t ask for a refund.. and those who asked were not getting the refunds or just a few of them (like me) managed to get the refund!

There are much more (unfortunately) products like this launched of WarriorPlus – you have to be careful when you want to buy something. Because most of the times these “marketers” promote other friend-marketer’s stuff because of reciprocity and of course, big promo prices! They do NOT care about their customers and they do NOT care about the quality of the products!

Most of the times they even do NOT check the products themselves only BLINDLY promote them for the sake of the commissions! That’s how greedy and dishonest they are! Please be careful.

If you decide to buy this Fiverr training, just be sure you don’t follow the “honest” talk by Trevor Carr & co.

(by the way, I even commented on some YouTube “review” videos with this product to let people know about this bad practice, but of course the comments were deleted 😉

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